Wall of Happiness

This project is a campaign spun off #HumansofGT. The following quotes from Georgia Tech students define their ideas of happiness. – B

“Happiness is a decision, it’s a feeling that can be obtained if you do everything in your power to make yourself feel like you’re at your greatest potential.”

– Vinny Inakollu

“[Happiness is] achieving an appreciation for something that wasn’t necessary but adds benefit to your life. We should go through life on this neutral level most of the time. True happiness and contentment I think comes from this open level of being accepting and being able to appreciate something that comes into life and feeling how great that is.”

– Haleigh Streak

“Happiness is sitting down and doing nothing and being happy that you’re doing nothing.”

– Arjun Sabnis

“Happiness for me is the wrong question because it is this individualistic question, which is too often associated with situation. I like JOY, because it is something that extends past my circumstances, It is a deep rooted hope that there is something more.”

– Samantha Stewart

“My definition of happiness is the feeling I get when I make someone else SMILE.”

– Hannah Donahue

“I consider myself a happy loner. For me, happiness is good music. Last night I went to a show alone and I was so happy because the music was so good.”

– Mandani Tennakoon

“[Happiness is] existing in a place and being comfortable, there’s no anxiety or stress, and the absence of worry.”

– Elisabeth Cross