Welcome to the first post of A Semester In France.

Some background on my trip: I’m currently at Georgia Tech Lorraine located in Metz, France, a 3 hour drive from Paris as can be seen to the right. I’m taking 12 credit hours and will be taking classes from Monday to Thursday, so I’ll be traveling every weekend from Thursday night until Sunday night. I hope to be posting about one blog per week with highlights of the trip from the previous weekend and general highlights from my week in Metz.

My phone number in France for the semester is +33 06 76 77 34 93, and I’m six hours ahead of Eastern Standard time. Give me a call! Facetime or Facetime audio is the best way to reach me.

If you want to send me a letter my address is:
Beau Bruneau
Residence Lafayette Technopole
133 Rue du Fort de Queuleu
57 070 METZ

If you want to send me a package my address is:
Beau Bruneau
Georgia Tech Lorraine
2 Rue Marconi
57 070 METZ

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  1. Lydia Rocco says:

    Your blog is really informative, descriptive & entertaining. Enjoying your adventures in France especially the surfing video!! Love you


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