First off, I apologize for posting this so late. I thought I would be able to write this post a day or two after I made it to Metz. Now I’m sitting in in the student lounge at GTL and I’m trying to remember everything that has happened in these past two weeks and realizing the wormhole of an experience this week has been, running to and from the academic building, the moderately stressful grocery store interactions, and numerous bottles of wine lightly tasted. Here’s the story of displacement; being dropped in the middle of France:

As soon as I brought my luggage to the car Sunday afternoon, I was anxious as hell. a growing pit in my stomach made its way to my whole body. This doesn’t happen to me, I rarely get nervous, and I don’t know why this experience specifically is making me so anxious. The car ride was both so long and so short. A fourth of the car ride in, I looked up and saw a plane flying high parallel to the highway. I didn’t think much of it. Time went on, we got closer to the airport, and I saw another plane flying parallel to the highway, yet this time it was only a few thousand feet up in the air. That was when it really hit, the planes flying next to the car were a sort of loading bar, letting me know how close we were to the airport.

Flash forward 21 hours and I move into my dorm. I walk in and immediately get hit with a wave of incredibly warm air. It felt as though I had been sitting in the car with my grandparents, who I believe are allergic to the cold. It gave me a weird relief from my stress, and I immediately passed out on the uncovered mattress, right on top of the folded sheets and comforter they gave us. I woke up roughly 12 hours later at 6 am ready to tackle the day. Reminder: I’m used to 6 am here in France as midnight EST, so my body is super confused but is wide awake because of adrenaline. The next day, we had an orientation and first classes. Annoying enough to have to take classes while I’m here, the classes don’t have breaks in between.

DAY TO DAY LIFE: So far, I’ve basically realized that life in France works the same exact way as life in the US. I wasn’t expecting a large difference, but the only one I’ve observed is that people speak in a different language. However, my day to day life has changed very much from Atlanta. Here at GTL we don’t get a meal plan, so I’ve been cooking all of my meals for the week using two hotplates and a microwave. That’s been the biggest adjustment so far, but I’ve loved every bit of it. I’ve gotten back to eating two eggs over easy in the morning as I did in high school, which holds me over for hours. Also, food has been the most consistent source of social life so far, since it’s easier to cook for a few people and split the grocery cost. We get at least three or four people to meet up for almost every meal, which turns into hanging out and studying. As you can imagine, we’ve been cooking a lot of pasta and chicken, the two easiest things to make. However, we have been expanding just slightly and we’ve made burgers with caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms, sauteed spinach, our own red pasta sauce, and we want to get into veal since they sell really cheap veal steaks at the grocery store nearby. Aside from cooking, I’ve had to walk everywhere or take a bus, which is very different than Atlanta. In January alone, I’m averaging 11,000 steps per day or about 5.5 miles. For reference, my average in December and November were 7,000 and 8,200, respectively. The extra walking, working out, and the amount of effort it takes for me to eat is allowing me to thin out and feel really healthy day-to-day.

CLASSES: As if it doesn’t suck enough that we have to take classes while we’re here, I also have a decently hard schedule because I’m getting further into my college career and had very few options for classes. Also, one class ends and the next class immediately starts. My schedule is posted below:

The classes are ECE: Electronic Circuits; Math 2552: Differential Equations; Inta 2221: politics of the European Union; and COE 2701: Start-up lab, an entrepreneurship class.

Photography & Content: First off, enjoy this photo I took while waiting for a bus in downtown.

My next post will be about the two-weekend trips taken on the class trips for INTA 2221: Politics of the European Union. The following post will be about my trip to Munich

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